ACCI and Amazon organise a workshop to foster online sale


Ajman, Ajman Chamber, June27, 2020: The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organised a virtual workshop entitled “Promote on Amazon” in cooperation with Amazon-UAE. The workshop was lectured by Krystel Samir Abi Assi, CEO of Amazon Sellers Society-Middle East, while joined by a number of entrepreneurs.

Assi briefed the participants on Amazon, in terms of its inception and development until it has become the world’s top online shopping platform. Amazon acquires a good reputation and a strong marketplace in all countries of the world with support of its customers who trust the products sold by it. The lecturer Abu Assi indicated that Amazon further creates promising opportunities for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises, especially that 70 per cent of the platform's products are sold by a third party.

The workshop covered several themes, including the mechanisms for starting selling on Amazon within 30 days, the steps for preparing a business model for an SME to sell online via Amazon, and the ways to avoid mistakes when promoting products during the sale.

Krystel also recommended the necessity to select the UAE and the GCC countries when joining the Amazon platform as a seller due to the confidence of consumers in the products being sold in the region, noting that “Amazon” platform in the UAE was visited by 14 million visitors during the past April.

She also stressed the need to conduct feasibility studies and choose the right product to ensure profitable sales.

The CEO of the Amazon Sellers Society-Middle East, also explained the technical steps of registration in the Amazon platform and how to calculate profits and cost. She also stressed the need to develop a systematic advertising plan within the Amazon platform and through social media platforms.

The participants were also acquainted with the common errors that new joiners might fall in during the sale or promotion of their products via Amazon.

Commenting on the workshop, Mohammad Ali Al Janahi, Executive Director of Promotion and Investment Division at Ajman Chamber, stressed its importance and its role in educating participants about the mechanisms of affiliation with the Amazon platform as sellers.

He also noted that the electronic shopping is witnessing a great development, which guarantees promising opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially in light of the changes taking place due to the Corona pandemic that forced most of consumers to rely on electronic shopping. The strong digital structure and the various ingredients of the UAE foster the reliance on electronic commerce directly, he added.

Al Janahi further pointed out that the Board of Directors of Ajman Chamber is keen to provide the appropriate tools to ensure the growth and continuity of entrepreneurial projects through the continuous communication with entrepreneurs, and provision of the necessary consultations and the training workshops.

For her part, Jamila Kajour, Director of the National Business Development Department at Ajman Chamber, stated that the Chamber is keen to provide communication channels between experts and specialists on the one hand and with entrepreneurs on the other side through a series of specialized courses and workshops.

She also indicated that the Ajman Chamber carries out its programmes through the existing partnerships with its governmental and private partners.