Purplecloud Customer Engagement AI, Handdy Employee Productivity Solutions launched


Dubai, August 8, 2021: Dubai-based Bluarrows Marketing has partnered with two leading global digital transformation solutions companies to launch cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed customer engagement and employee monitoring, and productivity tracking solutions in the Middle East market, starting with the UAE.

Both the solutions – the cloud-based Purplecloud.ai platform from Silicon Valley-based Purplegrids Inc. and the employee monitoring and productivity solutions from the US-based Handdy, will together help Middle East enterprises enhance digital transformation, Bluarrows said in a statement.

“Both Purplecloud and Handdy are being launched in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought digital transformation and productivity efficiency to the fore coupled with finding a prudent balance between investment and RoI in an overall stressed economy,” said Mr. Rajesh Menon, Director, Bluarrows.

Purplecloud.ai which specializes in conversational computing, including with the help of chat bots, can be deployed across diverse business verticals and allows rich customer engagement across a variety of interfaces such as social media, native apps and websites. It can also be tailor-made for enterprises of all sizes allowing scalability.

Purplecloud facilitates all key enterprise functions such as automation of engagement through AI, sales acceleration and lead generation as well as reporting and analytics for end-to-end business insights, said Mr. Santosh Kumar, COO of Purplegrids. The solution is multichannel and comes with a unified dashboard.

Handdy is an all-in-one solution that combines employee monitoring, time tracking and productivity analytics, all of which can be accessed and managed from a single dashboard, said Mr. Palani Kumar, COO of Handdy.

All Handdy features can be accessed at single price and one software solution monitors employees and manages time sheets. It is suitable for all businesses across verticals and helps enterprise get a good grip on work factors related to the employees that can have potential impact on productivity. The solution is GDPR-compliant and abides by data privacy and confidentiality laws as well.