Love - Fulcrum of Life


Love is in the air; as FEBRUARY, which is called as the month of LOVE, ROSES, CHOCOLATES, BONDING and CELEBRATION, has arrived.

Life is incomplete without LOVE, LOVE is the strongest of the emotions, is the driving force in life ;a strong, fond attachment towards a person in excess. When every aspect of life revolves round opportunists, who wait to just grab every slight friendly response to turn it into an advantage to their own benefit, this quality of LOVE is rare to find, or love comes with conditions.

Fortunate are the people who are born with this quality of LOVE, who have just LOVE to offer to everyone, and who can be only loved in return, they make the world a lovely place to live. Love is the stabilizing factor of our lives, which makes us sensitive towards all around us and also especially towards our partner. It teaches us to forgive and forget, love acts as a balm over the thickest of the ugly scars, which could have been caused by hatred or indifference of insensitive people.

Love is so rich an expression, that as it enters our lives or surfaces, while reciprocating to a dear one, it helps us to even highlight our other positive emotions, of affection, politeness, faith, understanding,care, adaptability, to name a few.we become more than willing to accommodate the presence of others or our partner, without any uncertainty, as love teaches us to grow mature and not dwell in petty mindedness.

Everything revolves round LOVE; LIFE cannot be imagined without LOVE. It is the most sensitive of all the expressions, very emotional and philosophical,yet practical,

It is a very simple 4-letter word, but complexly complicated. Volumes have been written, quoted and read by previous generations, present generation and will continue to be explained and understood in the future, but the subject of LOVE is so vast, that it is like an ocean and all the efforts to decipher LOVE, does not meet with cent percent success, as it varies under each circumstance, depends on different individuals, their moods, sensitivities, egos and innumerable factors, it takes an entire life-time to understand and interpret this emotion.

Love is affection, faith and immense adoration for another person . Love has variations; We all love our parents, family and friends, but there is one distinct form of love, which we experience only for a special and important person in a life-time and that is for the person with whom we want to spend our entire life-time with and that is our soul-mate and Life-partner, whom we want to make our better half. This LOVE is mother of all forms of LOVE.

LOVE is a miracle, though no one escapes from this emotion. but to love and be loved is an art, not all of us can master this art of pleasing and filling the lives of our dear ones with LOVE. There is no written formula to conquer this emotion, which can be chronologically followed and success guaranteed. Each person has to follow different routes to reach the destination called the LOVE destination and to stay put in this situation is not all that easy as it also involves another person in question. To have a smooth ride in LOVE, at every stage of LIFE with the same person, requires lot of dedication, devotion and commitment towards our partner and undoubtedly the effort has to be from both the parners, to keep the relationship, going great guns.

Love is euphoria, when a person passes through this emotion, it is generally understood that they forget the entire world around them, and experience no other emotion like hatred, anger, they are believed to have stars sparkling in their eyes with no pangs of hunger, sleep is reluctant to set in these eyes, and they are ecstatic, their entire being is just swept off by their feet only by the one person whom they love, beyond words,this is very special as it is acceptance of our being by another person into his/her life, which raises our self-esteem, it is a moment of joy and pride to feel loved and wanted by another person who is too willing to share their life, love,family and all of his/her possessions with us, it is a moment which everyone dreams of, and when that moment arrives, one is too pleasantly shocked, and it takes a while to accept the situation, and till the realization sinks in they experience the no-hunger phase, sleepless nights, the only awareness is the special person,their voice, the conversation and the situation. The reverie is mind-blowing and that makes the person insensitive towards other people and situations, we are in a fantasy world with no worries and are completely immersed in this world of LOVE.

LOVE gives a sense of HAPPINESS AND SECURITY, it literally perches us on the top of the world,we feel magnified and our value soars into the skies, our self esteem is boosted and we feel we have conquered the world. Acceptance of our love by other person, not just for adjustment or settling in life, but for the real sake of LOVE, is one of our greatest achievements.

The general myth is LOVE just happens, it is true it happens over a period of time, but not overnight and instantly. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT kind of situation is just not LOVE, because you need to know a person and have to familiarise to LOVE someone. the basic foundation for any relationship is familiarization, and without that, it would be just an attraction or mere fondness, for their stunning looks, unique dressing style, their presentation or status value, so unless we spend quality time and understand the other person’s life, their likes and dislikes learnt, we cannot begin loving someone. It takes a good lot of time to love and accept them into our lives and it cannot be done just randomly. We all believe that each one of us has someone made for us, in the heavens, but to judicially choose and accept the right person is a tough task. lest we regret the entire life if the wrong choice was made, so when there are various litmus tests to be passed to find whether the person in question is suitable or not, it is not INSTANT LOVE.

Generally Teenage love is just a schedule, which is followed, it is more of a status value, it is a vulnerable period, when the teenagers, themselves do not understand what is their priority, as it is the transformation phase in their lives, in various fields be it career, selecting a partner, and life on the whole, naïve , as they are,they are bound to tumble and regain their positions back after a slight set back, it is a learning process. Hence, major decisions cannot be planned during this stage, as love has a different meaning, Fun and frolic, hanging out, addiction to a person’s company, is just infatuation, as life becomes more meaningful, it is easy to discriminate both LOVE and INFATUATION, but yet ,the outlook of love is different, to this teenage clan.

We all rack our brains to find out if the person we like and love is the right choice, and only when we find ,that person satisfying all our requisites, we approve of our choice, this situation or argument also defies the myth that LOVE IS BLIND, ofcourse with some exceptions.or may be this belief was mostly found in earlier days, when relationships mattered lots to one and all, our forefathers, sacrificed a part of their lives, when they wanted to strengthen their love-life, they worked towards it, just not letting it to follow the natural course, they just liked the person for merely the sake of liking irrespective of caste, creed, social status or any unwanted quality. they did not try to accommodate LOVE or their respective partners.they treated love life as one of the priorities in life.

But in today’s mechanical world, where everyone designs their life to meet their expectations, they want a picture-perfect partner, no one is willing to compromise, they can sacrifice love,but not their expectations,so on the contrary LOVE HAS VISION, we visualize the utility value of our partner in the longer run. mostly each one of us by general human tendency, have a set of preferences set for even a friend and more so for our soul mate, so only when we come across someone near to our expectations, we tend to get impressed, and strike a chord, if not we are reluctant to even familiarize, leave aside acceptance.hence LOVE IS NOT ALL THAT BLIND, these days modern society demands BEAUTY WITH BRAINS and not just a glamorous person, like in the past and then a very literate person with ordinary plain.

Jane looks was also not very welcome, similarly, even women have preference for the dynamic and posh partner and a simple person does not fit the bill. When there are so many methods in progress to weigh the pros and cons in selecting our partner, LOVE is only a later addition, after the primary formalities are completed. But then in love ,every situation contradicts itself when we keep bumping into a person time and again, accidentally or due to a cause, as in case of co-workers and when attention is received from a person constantly and there is lot of familiarity, we get habituated to these people and start getting inclined towards them, this leads to love, which is common and true, we don’t judge the person by looks, status value, qualification, caste and creed, this is a situation of LOVE being BLIND, we blindly welcome the person into our lives, just because we share a comfort level with them and are totally aware of their personality, as everything is an open book and we like them for their own being and not for just their virtues. We totally accept them and this is usually the time tested love. It is just not that situation, that after the initial attraction is beginning to fade away, and we are staring at some harsh realities,to which we turned a blind eye in the familiarizing stages,

LOVE is a tender emotion which reaches us to such dizzy heights, that we refuse to recognize the world around us, with starry eyes, we overlook our past, ignore relatives, friends and acquaintances,it sweeps us entirely off our feet.the pleasure derived from the company of a person we admire, encourages us to get more and more accustomed to them, thus leading to LOVE. When, we are with the company of a person with whom we do not have to be pretentious or formal, but can just be our normal selves, we feel relaxed and at ease, which encourages us to constantly be in the company of that person.

CARE and UNDERSTANDING are parents of LOVE, when expression of love takes the form of caring gestures, the bond is further strengthened. When we receive attention from a person either intentionally or otherwise, we are spontaneously drawn towards that gesture and obviously to the person too, even without our own knowledge, thought process is nill, we cannot stop ourselves from getting bonded with that person, as the seed of LOVE is already sown and it takes no time in sprouting into a plant of love. Similarly, to understand the perceptions of the partner, keeping aside one’s own point of views,requires lot of maturity, to see the same light as that of our loved one. When understanding is given priority, difference of opinions are not allowed to creep in, which avoids all the misunderstandings and helps in affirming LOVE. Hence without the pillars of care and understanding, the roof of love cannot succeed cannot stand independently.

Teenage Love is erratic and just thrives on attraction and is based on the face value. but this form has no consistency in relationship, it is momentary and proceeded on an impulse. It is like a bubble, which is beautiful, transparent and glossy, but the slightest pressure breaks it, thus offers no guarantee of longevity. Love in any form is shakes us out of our wits, it disrupts the normal routine and beautifies our very existence adding value to our worth.everyone of us love to be loved, cared and showered with affection. This phase marks the golden period of our lives, when we are accepted for what we are and we also reciprocate by accepting the revolves around this wonderful expression called love. Life would be too mechanical and have no thrill, but for this makes all the difference, it is a warm expression of kindness and illuminates not only our life, but our entire surrounding. it is like oxygen.

Poetically, life and survival is made possible only by love, love empowers us to cross all barriers, it ignites the dormant spark in us by aiding us to focus towards our goal, luring us to enter into the path of love ,with open arms. Love perches us at the topmost, gradually escalating us to the top, making every step of the journey memorable and mind blowing, we are in the best phase of life, every person coming across us during this journey could go unnoticed because our mind set is so tuned as to only recognize the person whom we love.not that we care less for others, but care more for our beloved, but then, unfortunately,when we are shaken out of the lovely dream of the Love phase, due to various governing factors like difference of opinions, ego clashes and dominant attitude, we then realize we have lost the world,so we should take precautions not to slip from the top.

Love is a boon to every creature that breathes life, love needs no language. Animals, understand Love more with gestures, and the fiercest animal is trained with love and plants recognize the human touch. It is recognized by the gestures, which act like magical wands in transform ing us into more tolerant and polite needs tolerance and patience in abundance, mutual affection lays the foundation for a strong , bond, and the later way in the strengthening of relationship is based on trust and devotion.there is complete surrender of oneself to the other, which has no room for dubiousness, one need not feel that their privacy is lost or there is hinderance to their independence, when we are affiliated with the most important person in our life it gives immense pleasure, it is more of a combination that works in the growth of a relationship rather than the chalk and cheese theory.ofcourse, both the partners bearing resemblance to chalk and cheese can also contribute towards the relationship, by supporting and respecting his/her partner’s nature.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT, is a very age old theory,and it is very true in majority of cases too, we tend to get in awe of people who are different from us and the usual crowd, who can think and act on their own steam,this quality gets us drawn like a magnet to that person and these disparities only develop an urge in us to familiarize and develop a rapport with that person., only to realize later that this attraction is blossoming into love.

The greater the odds in between them, the greater thrilling it is to befriend them. There is exception to every rule and this phrase of OPPOSITES ATTRACT sometimes is not welcome in the book of love.where the idiom “Birds of same feathers flock together” holds more significance,as it is time-tested people, when they clearly see their own reflection in others or a prospective partner, fall for their nature instantly, as lot of commonness and the same mind-set encourages to proceed further as the friction factor is not prominent. Similar minded people find it very easy to arrive at a common juncture in every field, as there is no effort needed to convince the partner or the other person about their view point, so the outcome is amicable, as the thought process match.

LOVE, is belived to hurt us, but wait it also heals. We say “ LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS”, Initially, when people familiarize and understand each other, they pass through various stages of positive and negative frames, which lets them reveal their nature to their partner and also to learn the other’s personality, it is actually the learning process, the most beautiful chapter of the entire

LOVE-LIFE. It is the period which helps us to clearly make a choice of a friend,relative,or a foe and ofcourse, more in the case of our soul-mate. It hurts, when the other person is insensitive to our responses or indifferent or is not contributing towards the relationship. We feel regret creeping in us, and become weary due to the other indivdual’s behaviourial pattern, the dicey situation never encourages us to clarify any insecurities or put forth our discomfort, lest we displease the other person. In this case of this no win situation, battling with our mixture of thoughts, we feel very low and hurt. But if we take care to discuss our insecurities and unpleasantness with our partner, in a calm and composed manner, without in the process, hurting their sentiments, things will be sorted out and LOVE reigns supreme. So our little ego bruises, are healed with the rich balm of LOVE of our dear ones, we start afresh and love is what that ultimately matters.

Love may appear simple ,shallow , but it is as complicated as life itself. Love has depth and Magnitude, we may argue, that love is not life, but the fact remains that life sans love is mere existence and is spiceless. Can we ourselves imagine our lives, without being loved and not to have some dear ones to love, so we have to give love the credit for its grandeur presence in our lives.

Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR, as ultimately the victory in either case matter, whether done by hook or crook, that proves the desperation to win over our loved ones , or the battle to prove our love or gallantry,respectively. though the bottom line remains still “that honesty is the best policy.”

We all are aware that LOVE is a DANGER ZONE and is a whirlpool and once into it we find ourselves dragged into it, but that does stop us from being cautious?? and the answer is a big NO. we are prepared to face the hardships that come attached with it, but we still throw caution to the winds and in fact, we sprint to enter the LOVE ZONE to be engulfed by this passion. That is the web of LOVE which entangles us even without our knowledge, we realize that only when we are stuck inside the maze, but find no exit.

If you want to be loved , be lovable.. goes another saying, but it is hardly applicable in today’s life style. People demand to be loved and without offering love or atleast something in a lesser degree in return, to us. Love is taken for granted also over a period of time in Friendship , Relationship, and more sadly in a LOVE RELATIONSHIP too.

In the first two cases the outcome may not be too disastrous as ultimately there could be a snap in the ties and the concerned parties are genuinely not affected, because they might be independent of each other, as they may have their respective families to bank on and to provide them the emotional support, this friendship becomes superficial. But even in these cases if there was true love or genuine affection, the loss of this friendship or relation could cause an emotional dent to the concerned individual.but this is very rare,as no one is so magnanimous to feel or cry over a friend or relative’s indifference. But in a marriage or love life , when the differences keep popping out glaringly, then it shatters both the individuals, they are drained of all the emotional support, and no support or backing by the family is a real substitute for the partner’s love. We become bitter with the harsh realities, which appeared like a golden picture, or a paradise when we were in the bond of love, but the fact is that it was the love of the dear one which pampered us more than we deserved, accommodated our presence in their lives, accepting us with all our flaws, ready to forgive and defying all our detractors from making derogatory remarks, shielding us like armours and most of all, for just being there for us at every moment.that is the power of love.

True love is when we don’t LOVE to be LOVED, we just love to love that is initially, we neither plan nor expect anything, we later try to make the adjustments or compromise regarding the family. Caste, status and qualification and some more minute details like the likes, dislikes is not a deal; it is a reality and we hopelessly are lost in this situation. The desire to be loved is so intense that it drives one crazy,and we do it willingly to another person.

Some exceptional cases of fear of fraud and rejections, holds some of us from experiencing this fantastic emotion, we neither accept nor give love, such people are considered very unfortunate as love enriches our lives. But then when people settle down together in life,to share their life with each other, and later on realize that the chosen was not the one meant for him/her, it then creates uncertainties, insecurities and leads to separation, as there was no LOVE present in this relationship. It was just a pretence, which would have been due to some ulterior motive.

In such cases LOVE is JUST A WEAPON USED to achieve their motives, which might not be revealed or known while gaining the orther’s person’s confidence, it is pre planned and when the target does not hit the bull’s eye, they just reveal their true inner self, the love-less self. This is the worst type of relationship,as love is absent and as it has no future and leads it is very essential to tread the path of love with care, ensure ourselves a bed of roses. In every situation, we like to flaunt attitude but in love, we chose to overlook the attitude of the Partner, if any, just to continue the relationship or not to confront and create a tiff.we hate to annoy the person we love because, if they are hurt, it hurts us even more. The cliff of love is often rough and slippery, threatening to unbalance us and throw us off our feet, so never step with a callous attitude.let each step be firm to stay put on the top of the cliff.

LOVE ROOTS always hold us entwined in the bond with our partner, it never lets us unwind and wither away from the loved ones.even when a storm of slight disagreement is far-sighted. It lets the rough storm pass away, and restores normalcy

In Love we say we need SPACE, that is freedom for ourseves, do we ask, ourselves honestly, do we really need freedom, and what type of freedom?? That too ,from the person whom we love the most and want to share the rest of our lives. love is not a bondage, no person who loves truly will demand explanation or hold us responsible for all our actions, then what SPACE do we need? Generally this SPACE is only needed by people who do not give their heart and soul into the relationship. That is they have diversified interests and maintain many unwanted contacts and that calls for space from your soulmate. It is understood that one does not need to lose their own identity, but that can be sorted out after discussion, when we want to merge our interests with that of our partner’s during the initial phase of the relationship, then why do we later change our temperament, which is least needed.

Sometimes, a second type of space is also needed when a partner does not want too much of uncalled interference in the normal routine from our partner, this space is needed and is justified, but it is again not a major issue, and has to be dealt with prudence.but with LOVE, any situation gets ironed out perfectly.just fill the dents, if developed in the relationship immediately with care, understanding and lots of love, these sincere efforts will definitely show good results.

It is also believed that with the passage of time and the initial frizzy and frothy phase, LOVE begins to fade away leaving no traces of the excitement in the relationship. The phrase LOVE HAS FLOWN OUT OF THE WINDOWS or out of the MARRIAGE, is reeling in the mind and stress sets in, but this is not the reality, as when LOVE IS PRESENT in a bond, it never flies out, just a sheath of misunderstanding or a minor ego clash covers it.once the sheath is removed, love is shining again like a precious gem in the relationship. Ego clash is not worth the loss. So never give room for ego in LOVE.

FRIENDSHIP and LOVE are similar in nature,yet there is whale lot of a difference,the major difference being , friendship is a Bonding with the whole world, throughout the life-time but TRUE LOVE is a relationship with a special and single person who becomes our partner in joy and grief, only once in a life-time all the others are not the truest of the emotions. It is either a compromise or insincerity to our partner,so let us call friendship as just friendship and love as love and not call love as friendship to accommodate our convenience like a few modern diplomatic people.

When we meet our friends we feel quite normal but in love, we have butterflies in our stomach, We dream about our love but not about our can land us in heaven but shows us hell too, if not dealt with care,no one is perfect unless you fall in love with them, as the beauty lies in the eyes of befolder, we fail to see the flaws in our beloved, we feel they are the god’s best creation who is a boon to the universe, especially to us. We actually feel honoured and humbled, by their presence in our lives, and do not hesitate to accept it.

Love is the only ailment which is cured by the medicine of love, no other drugs work, to love a Person for what they are, is the purest form of affection, but the sad part is the general tendency to chisel and change the person to our requirements, we compel them to behave the way we want them to and sadly this is not the perfectt form of love. We all love for a reason that is for a unique quality that attracted us, but just don’t love for that reason alone, later grow with love along with your partner, rise above these basic mind-set, try rising above the normal petty causes, love him/her unconditionally and feel the difference. But assure, yourself, if the word love is heart-felt when you confess your emotions to your partner and just not be a vocal expression and the magic works. Nothing matters, when you are in love, everything goes incognito, as it is just that LOVE IS GLORIFIED.

Love is the sun-shine which enters warmly into our lives, by adding warmth to our relationships, makes us feel special. A glance of love makes the heart flutter, the weather is flavoured, and the entire environment is surrounded by love.

Love keeps the spark alive, in a marriage or relationship, when the initial infatuation fades away, the intentions to grow together in LOVE, is the main essence, both the partners live a common dream, another surprising fact is, we get an introduction to our own innerself, only when we are in love, we really wonder, where was all this love tucked away in us!! love is generosity, it is all about giving, and not expecting anything in return, or we expect only LOVE in return.

Pleasing our loved ones, becomes the priority, fables prove that the protagonist vows to get the Moon to please his lady love or fill the surroundings with stars, so on and so forth. The essence is we express our wiilingness to plunge into any task, which could please our companion. We try to sacrifice our eating habits or include a dish in our meals, the sight of which would make us move away from the dining table, just to brighten the face of our loved one. we mould ourselves to the taste of our partner and vice-versa. Love never asks for explanations, it makes statements

LOVE has its own high and low tides, it makes us soar and fall but, it is a school, which teaches us that, learn to rise above all odds, and spring back to support and shower LOVE to your partner. The twists and turns are momentary and never get twisted with hopelessness, unwind from the twisted tangle and express your newly gained faith to your partner, and are ready for another love ride.and never let hiccups continue in the relationship.subside it with LOVE.

Memories and remembrances are the fuel for LOVE, the moments spent together, the hot cups of coffee, in the usual cafetaris are is nostalgic and fans the breeze of longing of the company of our partner. during their absence, the reverie fills our minds with their presence, so they are conspicuous by their absence and presence in our lives. companionship is vital. Love makes us come alive, from our very own makes us emotional, we have tears of pain and joy together, we feel we are in a fairy tale and never want it to end.

Love inspires us, it gets the best out of us, a situation, which would appear as a tedious task could appear possible, when love has entered our life, we dare to accept challenges. as the strength of love is bound to back us, we are assured that we are not alone. love is responsibility towards your partner, you tend to think on behalf of them too, we cannot just think for is as important to discharge our duties as much as we expect our rights. For instance time management is very essential in LOVE. Relationships are broken due to lack of time as it amounts to negligence.though it is understood that every moment we cannot keep spending with our loved ones, but it is necessary that a solid part of the day is kept aside. Giving quality time to them itself is a quality of LOVE. Never excuse yourself, if you cannot spend time with your partner, it is the least we can give them and show that we care for them and all the other things can wait, but do not make your partner wait and later repent.

Love is a reward, very few are lucky to get the one they love, but later they take it for granted and commit certain follies, and complicate the situation, instead, let it always be like the first introductory phase of love only, don’t stain it with insensitivity and indifference. and always strive to keep the fire ignited. love is not seasonal or a situation. It is a reality and a life long experience, which evolves us and stays with us forever, if properly nurtured.

LOVE is when we see our Happiness in other person’s life and experience joy when our partner is Happy, ordinary and plain visions appear colourful, we feel music is in the air, nature seems like a splendid painting, just because of LOVE. Our perception undergoes a tremendous change, ofcourse in a positive way, we preach only love and hold no grievance. and love only makes all this possible. develop an honest policy in love, earn credibility from your beloved and no negative influence can even enter this love cocoon of yours.when we expect discipline from our partner, we must first be tough with ourselves and be disciplined, be lenient with him/her, do not over power always and try to be dominating. Shouldering any responsibility in a relationship is a sign of maturity, but let the other person lead you, and this act melts them and on a rebound they instantly hand over the reigns of the lives to us, just because they realize it is mutual, none is inferior or superior, they are equal on a love meter.

Blame game should be avoided in love, apologise at once, when you are slightly wrong, do not start explaining as the defensive act at the heated moment could blow out of proportion. Maintaining self esteem and safeguarding our partner’s self esteem should be our motto, it is not necessary we belittle ourselves and hold other person’s interest, but by striking a balance between both, one can make a relationship rock always, flexibility helps in resolving matters. Love the heart that hates you but never hurt the heart that loves you, do not try to be stubborn, be reasonable. as they are after all a part of our existence.

Both the partners should never be influenced by a third person, save and secure your own love palace and let no one gain entry and that solves all the unnecessary interference. just co-operate with your partner, and never let them down under any circumstance, which will ensure your love for them,

Love is an adventure, be an adventurer , try exploring it and enjoy it, love is the key to bliss, so let us not waste the opportunity and time in entering the blissfull gates of love. We do not need an occasion to celebrate love, a small meaningful gesture to our loved one is enough to express our care; a lovely red rose gifted earnestly is more appreciated than an expensive trinket.

Let us celebrate LOVE, from this moment, and express our love to our BELOVED, at every possible moment and also extend our love to our family and friends and spread the message of LOVE across the world!!