How to cure Cough



o Analyse on the type of cough you have. A dry cough is when you have an itchy scratch in your throat. A wet cough is one in which you are coughing up mucus.

o Prefer an antitussive cough mixture when you have a dry cough. An antitussive stops the natural reaction of the body to cough.

o Get an expectorant cough medicine when you have a wet cough. If you don't cough it up, it will stay in your lungs and cause more problems in the long run.

o Try a home remedy such as honey and lemon to cure your cough.

o Licorice root is a traditional remedy for a cough.

o Allium sativum This is a tried and true remedy that is easily made from readily available ingredients.

o If you are easily intimidated by garlic, this is an opportunity to overcome.

o Prefer Chocolate as an remedy for cough.

o Aloe and honey cough remedy Aloe is bitter but the honey makes this quite palatable, making it easier to take your medicine.

o Ginger cayenne tea - herbal cough remedy Think of this as sort of a natural theraflu-type concotion.

o Some home remedies do work some of the time, but if your cough lasts more than a couple of days, consult your doctor!

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