How to cure Cold


o Most colds are caused by viruses that enter your system and there's no cure known to man, all you can do is take some medicine to cure the pain and nuances caused by the infection.

o Theraflu or tylenol might help abut it will take a few days to go away.

o A small whiskey with some hot water before you go to bed.

o Daily eat garlic & ginger, your problem will be solved.

o Most advised would be to see the doctor and he will give you the right medicines.

o Take Vitamin C three times a day.

o Drink lots of fluids.

o Eat more fruits.

o Every evening before bed  have a hot bath at the feet ,drink a cup of hot tea.

o Request someone to make you a massage with medicine alchool

You should also take some medicines: Nurofen, Coldrex...something. If your conditions doesent improve after 3 days,you should go to the doctor.

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