Acidity control measures


 Acidity is not a disease rather it is a lifestyle disorder. You just need to make certain changes in your diet and have some refreshing healthy food in your diet to combat this problem.

 Say a big ‘no’ to all the junk food that you have been gorging on from long time.

Stop the intake of canned, artificial and ripened and frozen fruits.

Rather opt seasonal fruits and veggies for your diet. Shun all the spicy and fried foodstuffs.

Aerated drinks dilute your enzymes and hinder the digestion process, causing fermentation in the tummy, which leads to acute acidity.

 You should avoid excessive consumption of tea, tobacco, coffee in your die.

Instead you should include drinks like coconut water, cucumber juice, lemonade, water melon.

 Amla certainly taste sour but believe me, it is an excellent home remedy for curing acidity.

 Include yoghurt and butter milk in your daily diet. You will be glad to read that a fresh cucumber raita is great antidote for acidity.

Make sure you consume lot of green leafy vegetables and sprouts, as they are rich sources of vitamin B and E. these help in eliminating the acids from your body in a very effective manner.

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