Today’s lifestyle has changed the way people live and adapt to the surroundings. Obesity and weight gain had been the common problem and the biggest issue that working men and women are facing now. To keep your figure and the body shape intact, why don’t you... just try the below recipe for weight loss?

Method #1

Follow a Balanced Diet: Most of us misunderstand and misinterpret the very basic element that helps in weight loss – “A Balanced Diet”. This is often misinterpreted as either cut down of fatty and starchy foods or intake of only vitamins and minerals. This is the biggest mistake that most of us do. A balanced diet is a composition of all the essential nutrients that come from proteins,carbs, vitamins, minerals and fats in the correct proposition. Do remember, Fats are equally essential for your day to day activity that your brain and the nervous system demands for. So never ever cut down fats totally to zero.


Vigorous Workout: Workout is very essential and also plays a key role in burning your fat that has accumulated over a period of time. Try adopting different methods and levels of workout depending upon the amount of calories you wanna burn every day. Start with slow workouts and gradually increase your level from slow to vigorous and again come down steadily. Do not feel lazy as Laziness might give way to more and more calories.


Follow a Dietary Chart: Try to adopt a dietary chart in your daily food routine. The best way to go ahead is to consult a dietitian, an expert in food and nutrition who can probably be the best person to guide you towards your goal of achieving a “weight loss” .


Reward Yourself: Last but not the least. Try rewarding yourself by giving small treats say buying a pair of shoes you like or pick a dress that you were waiting to buy for a long time. Set targets and when you achieve them, do not forget to reward yourself. This is the best way to boost up your confidence for you to proceed further. That’s it! Now your recipe is all done. However you can season and garnish it the way you like. Go Slim! Go healthy!!!

-Carmela Sameena Ganeson,

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