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Tirumala Venkateswara Temple  is located on the seventh peak, Venkata Hill of the Tirupati Hill, and lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini and  is a famous Hindu temple of  Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Venkateswara .It is located 157 kilometres  north west of Chennai , India .

The temple is reportedly the richest and the most visited place of worship in the world. The temple is visited by about 100,000 to 200,000 pilgrims daily , while on special occasions and festivals, like the annual Brahmotsavam, the number of pilgrims shoots up to 500,000, making it the most visited holy place in the world.

Thondaiman, ruler of the present day Kanchipuram is believed to have first built the temple after visualizing  Lord Vishnu in a dream.The History Date backs to 9th century .

Darshan at  Tirumala Venkateswara Temple

The entrance for darshan is through the Vaikuntam Queue Complex. The complex is a series of inter-connected halls that leads to the main temple. An efficient queue system ensures that pilgrims move in an orderly fashion through the Queue Complex, towards the main temple.

Following are the types of Darshan now  in  Tirumala Venkateswara Temple ,

  •  Sarvadarsanam

  • Sarvadarsanam means 'darshan for all'. The timings for Sarvadarsanam are different on different days of the week.On normal days, about 18 hours are allotted for Sarvadarsanam and on peak days, it is open for 20 hours.

  •  Seeghra Darshan

  • Its  a  Quick darshan . The cost of the Ticket is Rs.300/- per pilgrim. The tickets will be issued at VQC-I in a separate queue line with 4 counters, after taking the tickets, the pilgrims are directly allowed for Darshan. Seeghra Darshan tickets will be issued on all the Sarva Darshan timings.

  • Sudarsanam Token System ( 50 Rs Darshan  Ticket )

  • The Sudarsanam token system was introduced to minimise the waiting time for Sarvadarsanam, Special Darshan and other paid darshan/sevas.

    we can get 50 Rs Darshan  ticket at the following places

          1.Second Choultry (behind the Railway Station),

          2.Bhudevi Complex

          3. Alipiri Tollgate,

          4.Sreenivasam in Tirupati.

          5.And the Rs.50/- Darshan tokens are available at TTD Information centre ,Renigunta (opposite to the Renigunta Railway Station).

          6. Also in Srivari Sannidhi and in RTC Bus stand in Tirupati.

          7 . In Chennai we can get 50 Rs Darshan  ticket in Venkateswara Temple  in venkat narayana road   ,T.nager

  • Special Darshan for the Physically Disabled and the Aged

  • This special darshan is arranged for the physically disabled and the aged, the infants along with parents through a separate gate at the Maha Dwaram,the main temple entrance.

  •  Divya Darshan

  • Divya Darshan facility is provided for pedestrian who come on foot to Tirumala through Gali Gopuram or Srivari Mettu. Bio-metric counters are established on these foot paths, to facilitate free darshan, free accommodation  and free food facilities at Tirumala.

    • e - Darshan
    we can now book Darshan Tickets online from the following URLS


    300 Rs Seekra Darshan ,50 Rs Darshan , Special Darshans & even rooms can be booked from the above URL

    For all the above Darshans we get "Ladoo" as prasatham .Tirupati Ladoo is very famous world wide.

    Tirumala Darshan gives a good turning point in a person's Life .So you too have Tirumala Darshan in some part of your life .

    - v.vanangamudi , India ,


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