Self  Healing  Therapy



Self healing therapy is a yogic way of healing process in which our own self healing power is realized and brought out for curing our own diseases.

 Before  clearly understanding the concept of self healing therapy we must first understand the various causes for the disease.

1. Due to irregular and improper food habits and neglecting the limit and method needed for it.
2. Improper and wrong way of indulging with work, sleep, sex, and thought force.
3. Due to the movement of the various planets in the sky which are emitting   magnetic rays which changes the chemical composition of our body causing diseases.

4. Due to aging process the energy level of  physical body, immune system and life force energy  gets deterioted.  when these factors fail , external factors bring disease.
5. Due to different climatic conditions of the nature which is unbearable to the immune system of certain people  it develops disease.
6. Above all, the main cause for prolonged illness is due to the cause and effect theory of the Nature. For every act of man there is a fitting result which is definite, time bound and result bound. This theory is carried over through the progeny of life as sanchitha Karma through the genes of parent. It is by the process of journey of consciousness or the journey of soul. The imprints of our ill acts in the past imprinted in the soul rise up to the circumstances at a proper time and gives result by way of disease to the respective part of the body.

By way of treatment for the disease for the  first 5 cases, neutralization of chemical composition of the particular part of the body with antibiotics balancing the blood circulation of the body and improvement to the immune system are taken care of by the medical practitioners in the field.

It is the experience of many pronounced doctors that some disease are not easily detectable and not easily curable with medicines. Some diseases look like delusion of the patient. In some cases patients themselves are not clear of their illness. In these cases the treatment with the medicines fail and the cure is not complete.

The yogic way of treatment illustrates that these type of disease are due to the negative energy in the magnetic domain of our body which had been developed by the cause and effect theory of the nature induced by our own soul.

The theory of yogic illustrates also that the positive energy which could cure the particular disease is also in the same magnetic domain of our body. The aid of positive energy is our own self healing power.

In our self healing therapy the self healing power of the individual is brought out and processed accordingly for healing the disease in a yogic way. This therapy acts on our physical cells , astral body and magnetic domain including immune system of our body.
Self healing therapy is given to the patients in 10 specified steps in a period of 90 minutes in each sitting. First 3 sittings will be on alternate days, fourth sitting after one week and the final sitting after 15 days.

May the divine energy within our own self heal our disease permanently  and completely.


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