How to cure hair loss?


Hair loss treatment is not so tough for you and with simple efforts you can prevent hair loss. Find below some of the treatment options which can cure hair loss.

    * If you are suffering from hair loss apply an easiest way to get new hair. Try scalp massage which increases hair growth and also enhances the volume of your hair. Daily involve in massaging your scalp with some medicated oil or home made oil. You can consult about it with your dermatologist too. When you take this initiative of scalp massage therapy you help yourself to get better blood circulation. With a good blood flow you will earn some essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, biotin and amino acids for your hair roots.


Take foods that are rich in biotin. To treat your hair loss biotin would extremely help you and works as the most essential vitamin for hair growth.

    * Go with some herbal remedies to cure hair loss. There are two most important herbs that have proved to be one of the best remedies for hair loss. You can try the herbs such as palmetto and nettle roots to prevent hair loss. These herbs are comprised with DHT inhibiting substances and work wonderfully for you.

    * If you are sure that the hair care products you are using creating problem for you, you should say no to those products and opt for the best one. For a better result ask your dermatologist to suggest some best products for your hair.

- Raji devi , Madurai

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