How To Earn Money From Your Website


First 3 Months

This is the Infant Phase .Infrastructure ,set up and working concept is done first .The web portals are constructed first by getting Approval of the Home Page templates from the Management and other contents ,Ebooks etc are added.Test Updating is done to rectify errors and other concepts before the launch of the Websites to the internet world.After all these works
web portals are launched to the internet viewers .

Second 3 Months

This is the Developing and Promoting phase ..the website is targetted to reach the viewers through various internet
techniques ,Seo and advertisements through print media etc .The ultimate aim in this phase is to get maximum number of
visitors to the web portals and make the web portals reach the global Audiance

Third 3 months

By this time , the web portals would have reached a good number of visitors. Then comes placing Advertisement in the web portals .we can get advertising clients by showing Hit Rates of the web portals ,sell Ebooks ,can implement Online shopping ,google ads etc .so the first 6 months is very important to target a good Revenue from the advertisements.

Fourth 3 months

In this Phase web portals would get Maximum Hits ..we can target slow and steady revenue from the following sources of Advertisements in the web portals

1. PPC Advertising Networks ( Revenue Based on clicks and impressions )

2. CPM Advertising Networks ( Revenue Based on impressions )

3. Direct Banner Advertising ( We have to fix Tariff and place Advertising clients Banners and earn Revenue )

4. Text Link Ads (Revenue Based on impressions )

5. Affiliate Marketing ( Direct or indirect way to get advertising clients by paying commission )

6. RSS Feed Ads ( Revenue Based on impressions )

7 Pop-ups and Pop-unders ( Revenue Based on impressions )

8 .Selling Ebooks ( we have to fix rate for Ebook and sell online to earn revenue

9 .online shopping ( we can sell Goods from other clients and earn commission as revenue )

10.online Subscription of Hardcopy of the Magazines

we can get more profits from these once our web portals are developed and reach the internet world with in 1 year :)


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