Breast feeding your baby


When you breast feed your baby you must eat a healthy and balanced food so that the baby gets the required nutrients and vitamins.

1. Food

• Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, starchy food, fibre, protein, fish and dairy products.
• Drink plenty of fluid.
• Eat small meals at regular intervals.
• Eat regularly.
• Eat simple meals.

2. Vitamins

• Take 10 micrograms of Vitamin D every day.

3. Avoid the following

• It is good to eat fish but avoid taking more than two portions of oily fish a week.
• Don’t eat more than one portion of shark, swordfish or marlin a week.
• Avoid eating sugar and fat foods too much.

4. Losing Weight

• Don’t try to lose weight during breast feeding your baby because you will lose your energy levels and nutrients needed to breast feed your baby.

5. For more information speak to your doctor, midwife, or your local health promotion team.

Weaning your Baby

Breast feeding your baby gives all the nutrients and vitamins required for the development of your baby in the 1st six months.  From the sixth month onwards you should start to give solid food.

How to start giving the baby solid foods.  It is discussed in 4 stages.

1. Stage 1

• Mix 1 teaspoon of breast milk or infant formula with smooth vegetable puree, fruit puree or cereal (not wheat).
• You can feed the baby before, after or in the middle of feeding the milk.

2. Stage 2

• Breast feed or give infant formula 500-600 ml a day.
• You can give solid food before, after or in the middle of feeding milk.
• You can increase the giving of solid food depending on your baby’s appetite.
• You can feed meat and poultry purees, pulses purees, and full fat milk products in addition to vegetable, fruit and cereal purees.

3. Stage 3

• Breast feed or give infant formula 500-600 ml a day.
• Feed the baby with 2-3 servings of starchy foods, and fruit and vegetables.
• Feed the baby with one serving of soft cooked, meat, egg, fish or pulses.
• Avoid giving sweets snacks.

4. Stage 4

• Breast feed or give infant formula in addition to 2-3 minced or chopped meals a day.
• Give full fat dairy products to your baby.

Food to avoid

Avoid salt, sugar, honey, nuts, low fat, low calorie, high fibre foods, fish (shark, swordfish and marlin) and raw or lightly cooked eggs to the baby.

Fluids for the baby

Milk is the best liquid for the baby.  In addition water and fruit juice can be given.

If you want more advice and information contact your doctor.

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